Sample of Customer Appreciation Letter

Whenever you have made a purchase, or you have been served by an organization in any way and you believe that their service was exceptional, you can write them a letter of appreciation. Let them know how their services were beneficial for you and how you found them to be the best in the business.

It is better if you can name the staff personnel who were there to attend to you. This can help them later understand who their best employee has been throughout the month. You can write the whole letter in an informal manner, it does not matter. However, make sure that you stick to the respect barrier which you share with them.

Sample of Customer Appreciation Letter

February 2, 2014

Jenkins Piano City
8347 17th Avenue
524 Ontario, CA

Jenkins Piano City,

It is with great pleasure that I write you this letter of commendation for all the representatives who worked with me and specifically George Larson. In a world where there is quick and impersonal marketing and sales, it is a big comfort to experience such old fashioned values.

As soon as I opened the door, I was warmly welcomed by your friendly receptionist. Throughout the time when I was visiting your shop, there was not a single moment when your sales personnel did not answer my call or answer my questions. Every single answer that they gave was extremely well described and it was as if I was receiving a piano lesson. I was absolutely amazed at concern shown by your employees as they helped me find the perfect piano in the most suitable price range. Even though I have absolutely no piano experience, George Larson was there to help me with his years of experience. Moreover, he didn’t even discount me as a window shopper.

I feel blessed that I chose your store to buy the piano which I have wanted to buy since the past four years. Your sales force has really helped me make the right choice and for now I am fully satisfied with not only your services but also the product which I have brought home.

If you need me as a reference for your company, please feel free to do so.

Thankfully yours,

Thomas Walcott.

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