Sample of Application Letter to Bank Manager

An application letter to a bank manager could be for anything. If you want to open up an account, or you have encountered a certain problem with the bank, you can always write to the bank manager and let him/her know about the problems you are facing.

Simply be concise and write up-to-date information. Make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone. Moreover, try to clarify whatever you are trying to write in the letter. If there is a certain problem, make sure that you write it in clear words so that the manager can understand exactly what you are experiencing.

Sample of Application Letter to Bank Manager

Dear Sir,

We have a consortium limit with Bank XYZ, Luke Town Branch (fund base $3200 and non-fund base $2000), being 13% share of our total consortium limit of fund base $23000 and non-fund base $18000 led by Bank of America and with other two member banks i.e. Bank ABC and Bank CDE.

We are willing to switch over the existing consortium limit with Bank XYZ to your branch. It’s because we are not getting satisfactory service from Bank XYZ as they are a private sector bank. Moreover, we are also trying to associate ourselves with a leading nationalized bank like you. You have the complete infrastructure facility and also the worldwide correspondence to facilitate and ease the opening of foreign letter of credit. This is our primary need since we import raw material.

We, Lake Dukes Sales LTD are currently manufacturing HRC Coils in our factory which is located in Chicago, USA. The hot rolled coils which are under the brand name Blink Steel are made by us.

Attached with this letter you will find

  1. Financials for our company for the year ended 2010-2011, 2011-2012, and 2012-2013.
  2. Unaudited quarterly result for the quarter ended December 2013.
  3. Minutes of board meeting.
  4. Share holding pattern.
  5. Factory license copy.

Latest CMA data accepted by the lead bank, Bank of America.

The above mentioned data are furnished for your approval and consideration of our proposal. In case you might require any further documents feel free to contact us personally.

Thanking you,

Lake Dukes Sales LTD.

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