How to Write a Company Leave Letter

Contact Details

You will first need to write the contact details of your company. These will include the name of your supervisor, company address, city, state etc.


Make sure you use formal salutation rather than your supervisor’s first name – Dear Mr. /Ms. Last name


The opening paragraph must make the purpose of your letter clear for the reader. You should have proper reasoning, which can include your own medical condition, personal emergencies, family commitments, vacation, or any other event for which you need to take leave from work. Make sure that you have a valid enough reason as this will determine your eligibility. Companies will have their own leave policies and you must qualify under their criteria for your leave to be treated as a paid one.


The body may not be the most important part of the letter but you may add details in order to validate your case. Make sure that you keep it simple and to the point. If you have not mentioned the number of days you want to take off in the first paragraph, then include it in the body. You may need to be more specific about certain details in order to emphasize your point.  Don’t go into the nitty-gritty of things but explain your situation appropriately. This will help you strengthen your case and increase your chances of getting paid leaves.

Delegation of Work

Before concluding your letter, it may work to your advantage if you tell your supervisor about pending work load and how it will be managed in your absence. Delegating the work to a teammate is the best way to tackle things and will show your boss that you, by no means, are willing to comprise on work.

If possible, inform the supervisor that you will be available to answer any queries. End the letter by reiterating your commitment to the company and thanking the management for considering your case.


- Before deciding to write a leave letter, make sure that circumstances permit your absence. If your team or department is already short on workforce, don’t put in a request as it could easily be disapproved.

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